Intuitive Reading with Natalie

 ** NOTE: Due to time constraints, Natalie will only take new clients and book readings on demand. Please contact her directly via email to book a reading or a healing session. ***


A reading is a session where I uses my intuitive abilities to access information about what is most important for you to hear, be aware of, and acknowledge at this time in your life, so you can achieve your goals. These goals may simply be to feel happier, more alive, more creative, more loved, or they may be specifically related to business, finances, relationships, creative projects, etc. 


A clairvoyant reading can be an intensive energy healing as well, because the moment a clairvoyant looks at you, everything that is not really you begins to fall away, move and transform. When we set the intention for this, the effect is even stronger. What might not be you? Thought forms, behavior patterns that aren't in sync with who you are now or what you want any more, outdated relationships, other people's programming, many different types of external energies, etc. 

The goal is to make conscious what has been unconscious so that you can make new choices out of new awareness. Sure there are many
 ways to achieve this, but a reading can be a shortcut to this process if that is in your best interest. (We all have defense mechanisms protecting us from the truth, sometimes for good reason, but many times those reasons aren't there anymore or get distorted, so it can take a bit of time to get past these, that's why my readings are often fairly long). 


No, you are always free to cancel at any time prior to the reading but once the reading has been conducted you can not get a refund because you are paying for the reader’s time and attention and also various administrative tasks. With all readings, no matter what level of experience, there is no guarantee you will always like everything you hear. I am mandated to be as honest as possible and that means telling you the truth of what I see. Sometimes I get future information that can not immediately be confirmed, and sometimes the information may be outside your conscious awareness and not make sense immediately but can later down the line. 


It is important to understand no reader will always get an answer for every question. No psychic does. Any that tell you they can answer any question and that their answer or information will always be 100 percent correct are not being honest.  This is true of the very best clairvoyants, remote viewers and mediums, and actually also true of every single person in any other profession including doctors, nurses, attorneys, accountants, stock brokers, etc. What I do guarantee during your sessions is that I will give you our absolute 100 percent attention, and makes use of everything I learned throughout the ISC school, to ensure you get the most out of your session.


Many people fear getting a reading, because they are afraid the psychic will see something bad in their future.  The future however is very dependent on how one thinks about and behaves in the present,  therefore during a reading, I will look at what you need to do in the present to have the life you desire in the future. Much of the future is very dependent on your past and present choices, so I tend to focus on these. 


I tend to not get a lot of disturbing information about the future, disturbing as defined by the client and myself.  Sometimes I do get a particular warning that includes advice about what a person can do in the present to change a potentially negative future. 


Others are nervous they will be judged. None of us are perfect. We are all on a path of learning and growing and being human is very messy business! I’m used to discussing extremely intimate issues. I've been working as a Registered Nurse for 4 years and the judgments have been tossed aside with a mature understanding that we are all just trying to get by in life the best we can.

A client's confidentiality is of the utmost importance. If there is anything you are nervous about, or if you are in the public eye and the stakes are too high someone might discover who you are, you don't need to give me your real name or any information about yourself. But it would be helpful if you let me know it's not your real name as I use a person's name to tune into them. You wouldn't want to ever use your relatives name or anyone else’s name you know though, because I might tune into them instead of you. You could also just give me your first name. Please only do this however if you really have a valid reason as it can be confusing and harder to tune in to names that are not truly your own. 


While I do all I can to keep our appointments, sometimes life happens and I have to reschedule, especially in cases where I need to work overtime for whatever reason at the hospital. Because of this, I don't get bent out of shape if you have to reschedule, even at the last-minute, providing you have already made your payment.



I am currently using platform to allow free long distance calls done through either international numbers that they provide or by using a link that I will send you prior to the reading. This platform allows me to record the session and send you the mp3 recording after the session. The recording is just for your use only. Please understand the recording is a courtesy and due to rare but possible technical difficulties cannot be guaranteed.


Nothing will be required of you during the reading except for you to sit still and listen. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of the reading and at any time throughout. What I do ask from you is that you don't have noise in the background like a TV, that you don't walk around or drive or do the dishes (unless the reading has gone way over and you are late picking up your kids, just let me know that you are going to have to start moving around while I talk, if that's your only option besides ending the call).

​I ask that you don't have anyone else in the room during the reading. The reason for this is that it's so easy to pick up on their energy and this could cause interference. Also, most first time clients don't realize the level of personal information that can come up.


1 hour - the sessions themselves are approx 1 hour, but I may and often do go longer so plan for some extra time. We can usually get to a few questions. The less questions, the more in-depth we can go into each one but that being said, I'm used to long lists of questions so bring them on and I'll help you decided what's most important. 


Payment will be made via the calendar booking system. Payment must be received prior to scheduling the reading.  Chose a date and time that works for you, if no times are convenient for you, either chose a date with an available time and then contact me for another time, or contact me before booking at You can also book through

PRICE:  $125 (USD)